cortana dress

The dress I’ve always dreamt of

Some girls start planning their wedding very early on. Others, much later, when their partner is on one knee and they say yes but what they’re really thinking about is the year ahead and the enormous project that’s just been added to their to-do list. But when you’re a woman there always comes a point […]


Daily routines

Meditate Exercise Journal Read one book a day Affirmations Gratitude list   In the past years, I feel that I’ve been bombarded by so much advice on what to do every day to lead a fulfilled life… Not conflicting advice, but rather… advice that adds up.   So like a good little soldier, every time […]


Finding love

Love’s been big on my list, big on my mind recently. I’m looking for it and would like 2018 to be the year of love. Not the love that comes from someone else (I’ve got that already). Rather, love for myself by myself. Living in Love. Creating from a place of love. Loving what I […]


Actually, i’m strong

So, something wonderful happened during my holidays. It was the first holiday in a year, and I’d decided to backpack on my own, which I’d never really done. And a sign of change… For the first time in years, I didn’t take my computer with me – which was scary (How did I put myself […]


Finding Joy When Your Art Feels Like A Drag

Have you ever embarked on a project with all your heart just to feel completely lost a few months or years down the line? Ever gone through a phase when you said to yourself “Hang on a minute, I don’t even know what I AM anymore…”? I have. And thought these moments are notoriously uncomfortable, […]


Why you never finished  that book

Last night I had dinner with a dear friend of mine who told me I was so driven, and asked me how I do it. She also told me I have a specific ability to work hard. And that she is not like that. She added that she started a book a few years ago, […]


How to become very good at what you do?

Recently, I have realised that my dream life has come true. The life I had fantasized about years ago when I was still a consultant and felt trapped. Now I have absolute freedom. I am paid to dance, perform, write. I have my own company – with absolute creative freedom and an amazing team. I […]


Are we naturally talented?

Do we each have a unique ‘area of brilliance’? It’s an idea that’s widespread in the entrepreneurship world (only do what you’re good at…) and I’ve wondered if it is the case for how we express ourselves as well. I was 5 when I asked to take my first ballet class, 6 when I joined […]

Fears are gone

I’m probably the most fearful creator I know. And I am surrounded by a lot of artists and entrepreneurs. For a long time, I have accepted fear, embraced it even, as the twin sister of creativity. She was there at every turn of the road, and the guide of my life. Scared of writing a […]

Behind Our Skin

Being Part of Amnesty International Freedom Of Expression Awards

Last August my show, Behind Our Skin, was selected for the Amnesty International Freedom Of Expression Awards. It was my first time encountering this award, but I was fascinated by the great work they do in bringing forward plays with a political theme. Behind Our Skin is about 2 immigrant women living in the UK and […]