How the best movie soundtracks tells stories – with Nick Samuel

You know, these films that still haunt you days after you’ve first watched them? There is something about them… is it the atmosphere, or the characters, or the DOP’s visual style? We spend hours discussing the details of the plot or reminiscing about the unexpected ending or repeating the hero’s coolest lines. And yet, have […]

creative soul

Creative souls & the analytical jobs

‘Why do you dance?’, I asked ‘To create something beautiful’ In my tango dancing school, I meet a lot of wonderful people. Some of them are musicians, some of them artists. But most of them work in finance, IT, science, research… These people use the analytical part of their brain all day long, and dance […]


Perfection is a Feeling

“Better to already feel bad about myself, I decided. Then critical comments won’t feel as devastating.” Recently I read NYCB principal Abi Stafford’s recount of she used to be the worst of her critics. And after years of embracing self-doubt  she “realized that being hard on (her)self after a rehearsal or performance does not make […]

thomas pic

Creating a Magical World With Thomas Dixon

I’ve been a fan of Thomas since I first saw him perform one Friday night last Winter. It was in a dark basement and he completely lit up the evening for me. With his understated stage person and awesome tricks he rekindled my love for magic. I’d forgotten how awesome magic can be! Every time […]


We are performing, this Tuesday, a the Press Night of the film Our Last Tango in the London. It is a movie that has made a big splash in the tango world but has not really reached a mainstream audience. It tells the story of Maria Nieves and Juan Carloes Copes, who truly are tango […]

Who’s never been worried about money? Yeah, me too… Really sucks doesn’t it? Recently I interviewed Antonios Valindras. He is a talented greek Film director I had the pleasure to work with a few years ago in London. When we were discussing he opened up about the dark period he had gone through after a […]

Behind Our Skin


Immigrant. It is a trendy word. It is also a topic that is very close to my heart because it has brought me incredible joy and some terrible pain. I am part of the immigration that is easy. In the past 10 years, I have lived in 5 different countries. In Spanin, India, The Phillipines, […]

50 ways to get the creative juices flowing…

Have you ever thought of the ’50 ways you could afford something right now’? It’s a mind-stretching exercise entrepreneurs often do in order to change their mindset about money, and get into a space of abundance. You are given a sheet of paper with 50 blocks, and you’re supposed to write down 50 ways, or […]


Feeling confident on screen

Itching to do videos but scared? If you are an artist or an entrepreneur today, you need to be comfortable making videos: you need to speak to the camera, demonstrate your skills, give advice…. There is no way around it. Yes, video is daunting: ‘What if people don’t like what I have to say?’ ‘What […]

Follow-Through Strategy for kick starters who tend to quit

Are you too a kick-starter who finds it hard to follow through? Need help implementing your brilliant ideas? 4 more months till the end of the year…. Very soon will come the time to look back at 2017 and contemplate how quick time has passed, and everything we have done.  I used to hate those moments…  […]