6 hard-hitting theatre shows created by women… that you can see at Brighton Fringe

Women have been writing plays forever, haven’t we?  So we can’t help but feel frustrated that even though we buy, by far, the largest majority of theatre tickets out there, we are still largely underrepresented in the other side of the curtains. Here are some ‘sobering stats’ from Purple Seven’s Gender In Theatre 2015 Survey: […]

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How to be an artist – inspiring interview with songwriter Natalie Banna

A few years ago, while I was studying for my masters degree in Physical theatre, a fellow student and I went for drinks in Embankment, London. She’s a beautiful, fierce Irish woman and I made her choose a glass of red wine with a plate of cheese over a piGuinnessuiness. I’ve never seen her drink […]


Feel The Fear… and Do It Anyway

There’s this famous book by Susan Jeffers called Feel The Fear… and Do It Anyway…. …that I haven’t read yet but everyone keeps raving about. And the title can’t help but resonate. I have mixed feelings about valiantly working through fear because I’ve learned in the past few years that feeling uncomfortable, un-aligned, plain stressed […]

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The dress I’ve always dreamt of

Some girls start planning their wedding very early on. Others, much later, when their partner is on one knee and they say yes but what they’re really thinking about is the year ahead and the enormous project that’s just been added to their to-do list. But when you’re a woman there always comes a point […]


Actually, i’m strong

So, something wonderful happened during my holidays. It was the first holiday in a year, and I’d decided to backpack on my own, which I’d never really done. And a sign of change… For the first time in years, I didn’t take my computer with me – which was scary (How did I put myself […]


Finding Joy When Your Art Feels Like A Drag

Have you ever embarked on a project with all your heart just to feel completely lost a few months or years down the line? Ever gone through a phase when you said to yourself “Hang on a minute, I don’t even know what I AM anymore…”? I have. And thought these moments are notoriously uncomfortable, […]


How to become very good at what you do?

Recently, I have realised that my dream life has come true. The life I had fantasized about years ago when I was still a consultant and felt trapped. Now I have absolute freedom. I am paid to dance, perform, write. I have my own company – with absolute creative freedom and an amazing team. I […]

Fears are gone

I’m probably the most fearful creator I know. And I am surrounded by a lot of artists and entrepreneurs. For a long time, I have accepted fear, embraced it even, as the twin sister of creativity. She was there at every turn of the road, and the guide of my life. Scared of writing a […]


Walking up the stairs… hand in hand

Do you sometimes get frustrated because your audience is not feeling what you want them to feel? Are you sometimes not sure how to truly move the people who came to see you speak, perform, act? I know I do – but this month, I had a breakthrough…. As a performer, entrepreneur, director… it can […]

Daniel Kopland

If you can make it there, you’re gonna make it anywhere

Do you know what the best thing you can you do to a piece of performance is? Take it to the street! Really. I’ve seen in happen with all three arts I have street-performed: Be it with dancing, singing, acting… the ‘live feedback’ you get on the street beats everything else in the creative process. […]