A spiritual writing process

I am starting to believe in God Or at least in some sort of spiritual Helper. Because recently I’ve found that by putting my writing into the hands of a spiritual guide, it’s flowing. I used to have to push through the words and sit through hours of blocks. As Elizabeth Gilbert says: be the […]

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How to be an artist – inspiring interview with songwriter Natalie Banna

A few years ago, while I was studying for my masters degree in Physical theatre, a fellow student and I went for drinks in Embankment, London. She’s a beautiful, fierce Irish woman and I made her choose a glass of red wine with a plate of cheese over a piGuinnessuiness. I’ve never seen her drink […]


The Very First play

True, it wasn’t the Very First One. The Very First One was in the South of France when I was 8 – and with a dozen of cousins we’d prepared a succession of acts, walking the adults from the swimming pool (choreographed jumps and dives!) to the living room (dancing-worm rendition by my 5-year-old little […]


When 2 people show up at your party

Recently I received a text message from my sister. “The reason mum can’t find a date to celebrate her birthday is not that she can’t find a date. It’s that she’s scared of organising a party”. … which in a way is cute given that she’s about to turn 60, has 50 people in her […]


Why you never finished  that book

Last night I had dinner with a dear friend of mine who told me I was so driven, and asked me how I do it. She also told me I have a specific ability to work hard. And that she is not like that. She added that she started a book a few years ago, […]


Are we naturally talented?

Do we each have a unique ‘area of brilliance’? It’s an idea that’s widespread in the entrepreneurship world (only do what you’re good at…) and I’ve wondered if it is the case for how we express ourselves as well. I was 5 when I asked to take my first ballet class, 6 when I joined […]