Only good work

A year ago when my tango school started taking it off I realised that in creative endeavors what matters the most is the quality of the work. I know. It’s so obvious. But bear with me… In performing arts, you really need to hustle to get a project off the ground. So up until then, […]

behind our skin

Did you say immigration? How a thirst for adventure turned into a star-rated play

I’ve always wanted to travel the world. Throughout high school and my first 3 years at uni in a small French town, I was impatiently waiting for the moment I could step on a plane and discover the world. And once I started, I never looked back. But not as a traveler, no. I had no […]

A spiritual writing process

I am starting to believe in God Or at least in some sort of spiritual Helper. Because recently I’ve found that by putting my writing into the hands of a spiritual guide, it’s flowing. I used to have to push through the words and sit through hours of blocks. As Elizabeth Gilbert says: be the […]

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rekindling that relationship

This time last year I decided I was going to write a play and put it up at the Edinburgh festival. I had a vague idea of what I’d like it to be about, wrote a 4-line paragraph about it, sent it to a venue and got accepted. Yes, it was that easy. Up until […]

buddhist altar


There’s gold everywhere. Luxurious red curtains. And food. Treat food. Gluten-free spiced chocolate. Himalayan herbal tea. Organic orange juice pressed and served in individual glasses. And among all this, He sits, beatifically smiling. Big, majestuous, his palm turned upwards, golden from head to toe. Budha. Since I’ve arrived in Paris, I have missed my beloved […]


The mediums in my life

I’ve always been curious about mediums. It always seemed so cool, this idea that you could speak with some spiritual guide and see the future. Like a real life super power. Also, how convenient. Not sure where to take your next play? Not clear on what you should do next? Not sure if spending all […]


The Jump

Something strange has been happening. Pablo and I went skydiving on Sunday. The goal for me was to face one of my biggest fears. I didn’t do it for the fun, like most thrill seekers. I didn’t even know it was supposed to Be fun. My main motivation, and the reason why I thought most […]

6 hard-hitting theatre shows created by women… that you can see at Brighton Fringe

Women have been writing plays forever, haven’t we?  So we can’t help but feel frustrated that even though we buy, by far, the largest majority of theatre tickets out there, we are still largely underrepresented in the other side of the curtains. Here are some ‘sobering stats’ from Purple Seven’s Gender In Theatre 2015 Survey: […]


How to be repulsive to save your life

Recently I went to an improv workshop organised by Marine Galland and Nathan Obadia about Daring. The concept was great – using improv theatre exercises to help women test their limits and practice Daring more. And that fact that it was a women-only workshop made it a bit simpler for all of us to take […]

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of iceland_ episode nine

How to be an artist – inspiring interview with songwriter Natalie Banna

A few years ago, while I was studying for my masters degree in Physical theatre, a fellow student and I went for drinks in Embankment, London. She’s a beautiful, fierce Irish woman and I made her choose a glass of red wine with a plate of cheese over a piGuinnessuiness. I’ve never seen her drink […]